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Not Really an artist. Just a guy draws as a hobby. I would do it more if I was more motivated.

23, Male

College Student

Somewhere in the US

Joined on 7/6/15

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Commissions Open

Per body/character

  • $5 for line art
  • $7 for flat coloring
  • $10 for fulling shading and highlights added

Free gradient background of your choice.

For an actual background. Additional price of

  • + $8 for line art
  • + $12 for flat coloring
  • + $15 for full shading and highlights added


Violence is fine as long as it's not gory.

So no

  1. exposed organs
  2. dismemberment

NSFW is fine but nothing weird, gross. or down right illegal.

So no

  1. loli/shota
  2. incest
  3. rape
  4. scat
  5. fart
  6. pee
  7. goatse
  8. vomiting
  9. diapers
  10. baby clothes of anything related to baby fetish
  11. vore
  12. inflation
  13. beastiality

I have the right to refuse service to anyone but I wouldn't do it without reason I'll always let you know beforehand why, but here are a couple possible reasons to why.

  1. Being extremely rude and hard to work with
  2. Not following the rules I applied to what's is and not ok to draw
  3. I could be already busy at the moment and you might of asked just a tad bit too late. I apologists if this would be the case but don't worry as this would temporary and you're free to ask me as soon as I'm available again.

All Payment will be done upfront by invoice PayPal only.

After the job is done there will be no refunds.

If you have any questions don't be afraid to PM me.

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